Sunday, December 14, 2008

Bon Voyage

This morning, Ms. Bean got angry at me for the unforgivable act of taking rainbow glitter away after a 4 oz spill in the kitchen.

The following could be heard following a obligatory sulking period:

Ms Bean - Mommy, I am moving to Texas, because I don't like it in Virginia.
Me - I will miss you very much
Ms. Bean - no you wont, you will forget all about me.


Me - I will miss you very much, but if you are going to move, you should say good bye to Susie and Papa, they will miss you to.
Ms. Bean - Daddy - I am moving to Texas, good bye.
Tom - Hmmmm. Why Texas? Yuck.


Ms. Bean - Where's the phone?
Ms. Bean - I messed up the numbers. Can you help me call Susie? Please?
Me - This is just a thought, but if you cant dial the numbers, how are you going to navigate an airport? I think you better stay in Virginia.
Ms. Bean - I'm not taking a phone with me.


Ms. Bean - Good Bye Susie. Good bye. I'm moving to Texas. Because I don't like Virginia, and Mommy wouldn't let me mix all of the glue and glitter together. Why? Ok, then I will move to France. Ok. Ill miss you.


But, Susie ........... (sob sob sob), I dont know how to speak French. How will I move there?


Tom - Who wants to help me make pancakes.

Ms. Bean - Can I crack the eggs? Bye Bye Susie! Mommy ............... I'm not moving to Texas.

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Papa Jeff said...

Diane, I did not realize how long it has been since I checked your Blog. (Too much facebook time.) I loved the new stories of the girls and, especially, Sarah's decision to - or not to - move to Paris or Texas. Somehow I think that Paris (France not Texas) is in her future.