Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Little Bee Starts Pre-School

Today was Little Bee's first day at her new Pre-School. She got up early, and was very excited to start her "new life" all the while complaining that her "tummy hurt". I remember my first day at pre-school like it was yesterday. I was excited and had butterflies all at the same time. Little Bee must have gotten her Mommys stomach.

The good news is, that 2 very special people got to take her to school with me. The same two people who dropped me off at the Michigan State Daycare Co-op 36-years ago. I wonder if the scene looked anything like this?

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Papa Jeff said...

How wonderful. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

My name is Jessica Pennyfeather, I am from NY. I happened to stumble across your page and was surprised to see another Pennyfeather!!! Where are you from and is Pennyfeather your married name??
My email is Pennyfeather82@aol.com