Tuesday, September 2, 2008

End of Summer Party

This past Sunday, everyone was in a small funk. Summer was ending, school/work were beginning, and soon we would need to fall into a "routine" which we had all learned to "ignore". Ms. Bean, perhaps sensing our depression, decided to cheer us up, by throwing our neighborhood a party!

First she carefully planned the menu, Egg Salad and Strawberries.

Then she made of list of everyone to invite.

Since there was no time to get our invitations (the party was less then 24 hours away), she went to the pool with her list of invitees and gave them all the details. Those that she couldn't find she called.

She sent her Dad to the store for some last minute items.

She cooked well into the night and the next morning.

Susie helped her cut blocks of cheese and mix lemonade.

And, by Monday at 11:00, we were all pool side, enjoying our sandwiches and each other.

When I was 5, a Lemonade Stand seemed like a nice way to celebrate the end of Summer. Everyone would enjoy a sweet treat and I would make a few nickles for my bank. Ms. Bean's kindness, enthusiasm and generosity have far exceeded anything I could have come up with. Can't WAIT to see what she pulls off then she's 6.

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Papa Jeff said...

And it was a wonderful party.