Thursday, August 14, 2008

Art Online

Its been a while since I posted to the "BeanBee Art Galary". Enjoy!
"The Garden of Sarah" by Ms. Bean. Crayon. Made during week 1 of kindergarten camp

"Ocean" by Ms. Bean. Sand, Glitter, Paint, Cut Paper, cereal, and Crayon. Made during second week of Kindergarten Camp.

"susies flower pot" by Ms. Bean. Pens and paper.

"Blue" by Baby Bee. Made at daycare.

"Mommy and Daddys Married Day" by Ms. Bean.

"Rainbow Fish" by Ms. Bean. Paper plate, paint, and tin foil.

"Flag" by Baby Bee. Paint and Paper.

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Anonymous said...

Sarah, This is the most beautiful collection of art I have ever seen. You have the best "museum" EVER! Susie