Sunday, June 8, 2008

Mommy = "Cousin Itt".

Tom and I have made a lot of mistakes during the course of our marriage (the purchases of MCI and Global Crossing come to mind), but one of the smarter things that we did was move to our current neighborhood where we can enjoy the company of pleasant and enlightened people. More importantly, our kids are able to enjoy the company of our pleasant and enlightened neighbors, pleasant and enlightened children. It is just a big love love fest in OTV!
So, I was thrilled and delighted when Ms. Bean (5 on Friday) informed me that she would be growing her hair and donating it to Locks of Love. She got the idea from Blair, a pleasant and enlightened 12 year old who Ms. Bean worships. I was delighted that she wanted to do such a generous and selfless thing, and think it is truly a wonderful idea. I was a little less euphoric when she recommended that I participate with her! However, I am now growing my hair 12 inches, because some day I hope to be as enlightened as my daughter.
Maybe next time Blair can talk her into consuming 12 pints of ice cream? That I would certainly sign up for!

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