Friday, May 30, 2008


At first we thought that it would be a joyful day, we found "Baby Caterpillar" in the dirt of the pot, seemingly well, eating dill. However, when we went our to find put him back on a leaf, at baby-bees request, she was no where to be found. Then, we saw a very bloated and leaky figure laying on its side.

Mommy, "Girls, I have some sad news. Mommy and Sister Caterpillar are fine, but I'm afraid that baby Caterpillar died."

Baby-Bee, "Oh no, i think that we have to take her to the Dr, because she died"

Ms. Bean, "yes, we need to go to the caterpillar veterinarian."

Baby-Bee, "Yes, the cute and tiny black veterinarian"

Ms. Bean, "Can I watch another Max and Ruby"

Baby-Bee, "Yeah, Max and Ruby"!

I'll miss you Baby-Caterpillar! Mom

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