Sunday, March 30, 2008

Men, Men, Men

Saturday night is fan appreciation night at the Verizon Center. It might also be the last game of the year, though the Caps stand an excellent chance of making the Playoffs. I wonder which of my "men" will ask me to be his "date" that night.


Jeff is the likely candidate. He seems to love me, doesn't appear to have a better date, and at this time has an extra ticket (and it is a bobble head give away night,someone must not have seen that on the schedule). Hopefully he will be willing to forgo the diet that evening and drink beer with me.


While a long shot, Mike is the runner up. He has taken pity on me before, and might want to make up for having the flu the last time that I used his extra ticket. Of course, it is a weekend and he has his own daughter. Hillary will probably bump me.

Then there are the real long shots .......... Hockey John? Amanda from OIT? DAVE? Anybody? Anybody?

One things is for sure ....... this man will not be joining me. He will be on Kid Duty that night. Poor Tom. Maybe I'll let him play with my Bobble Head.

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