Saturday, March 15, 2008

Baby Bee is 3

Yesterday, Baby-bee turned three. During her party, as she was politely thanking her friends for coming and making her guests comfortable, it dawned on me that she is actually a pint sized adult. Her vocabulary, determination, and interests rival many adults I know (which might say something about my taste in friends). Her outgoing/eccentric personality makes her at first appear mildly uneasy around her peers, until she is given the opportunity to coach/teach them. At that point, you see a loving and nurturing person who is universally adored and admired. We see glimpses of this person when she looks at us in the evenings, gives us bear hugs, and simply says "I love my family".

I told my father the other day that my challenge for baby-bee will be to see that she uses her intelligence/determination for good and not evil. I have reconsidered this assessment. I think that our challenge in raising baby-bee will be restraining ourselves from stifling her talents/outward thinking. She will be fine and successful with whatever she chooses to accomplish. I need to always remember that, and try not to be concerned when she is not fitting into the text book mold. After all, how many truly great people did?


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If she follows in her mother's footsteps, she will rock the world!