Friday, February 1, 2008

Trader Joe is Middle Aged, and Happy!

My friend Trader Joe is in love, and judging from his overall demeanor and attitude, I suspect that he might have gotten this one right. He rekindled a high school romance (and, first kiss, no less) at their 30th high school reunion.

I have known Trader Joe for more then 15 years. When we met he was married to his 2nd wife, who was a high maintenance flight attendant. Since that time, I have seen him struggle through a number of desperate/crazy/immature ladies on his was to true love.

I think that he might have gotten this one right (though I don't get to meet her till March). And, judging from the rings he is looking at .............. she must be special!


Anonymous said...

thanks Diane! On the down side, I'm up 3 pounds :)

ps GO CAPS!!!

Anonymous said...

Hello Diane!

On the upside, the 3 ponds must be in all the right places!

I'm looking forward to visiting Paul's bubble soon, especially to find the real reason for the "Trader Joe" nickname. I look forward to you filling me in!

As for me, I am not high maintenance, desperate, crazy, or immature! (Disclaimer: Okay, I am crazy and immature in a 'Paul' kind of way!) I am simply in love with my life long best friend.

"When you know better, you do better". Maya Angelou

It's never been better!

Kerry Mae

Anonymous said...


3 'ponds' in all the right places would be romantic for ducks, but 3 'pounds' in all the right places looks incredible on Trader Joe.

I will never live this one down!!
(Sorry Paul!)

Kerry Mae

Anonymous said...

Well. Such an open forum on a very snug relationship. Ponds aside, I don't mind telling everyone how wonderful this girl is to me. I appreciate your support Di... soon you'll be able to blog about our CAPS game.


Anonymous said...


Please call me @(360) 739-6809 as soon as you get this message. It doesn't matter what time it is here on the West coast. Thanks!