Friday, February 8, 2008

Live Blogging

9:31 - No longer #1. Its Mikes fault. He decided to WORK instead of sit in his assigned seat -- row 425. Because he was not there, the Caps had no reason to try. It's hard being a Mike Fan.

9:15pm - 9:43 to go - SCORE! 2 to 1 - we have ourselves a game.

8:20 pm - Right now, right this second, the Caps are #1 in their Division and #3 in their conference! Right now, they are "the Miracle on 7th street". They went from 30th to 3rd, since Thanksgiving.

Right now, they are also down 2 to Carolina, with 7 minutes left in the 2nd period. They look like shit.

Tomarrow, they will most likely be 2nd in their division, and will not be a contender for the playoffs. It is REALLY hard to be a Caps Fan.

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