Friday, February 15, 2008

Did Trader Joe Propose?

The last time that I spoke with Trader Joe, he was about to board a plane to Las Vegas to see True Love and he had arranged for them to spend Valentines Day Eve on a Helicopter Tour of Sin City. His plan was to get down on one knee while in flight, and ask True Love for her hand in marriage.

The RING (with quite impressive specs) has been purchased. The problem is that that the store he purchased it from "couldn't get it put in the setting before Valentines Day". I recommended to Trader Joe, that we call the store clerk and offer them $200 to hurry it along. Not sure if he was successful. I then suggested to Trader Joe that he buy a cheap dime store ring (just in case) and propose in flight anyway, letting True Love know that the real ring was on back order.

IT IS FEBRUARY 15th and I have not heard from Trader Joe, or from True Love. This has been a great Movie ................... would be nice to know the ending!


Trader Joe said...

Well, little goes as planned. Plan B has been developed and you'll be one of the first to know. TL was getting call after call from friends checking bling status. I think she's forgiven me though. The trip was amazing. I've never seen a $16,000 bottle on a wine list before. Too bad the 'master sommelier' was just a freak show and not much help. That's o.k., I knew enough to order something a bit less.

As consolation for me, I drew to my first royal flush.

Trader Joe said...

Oh, and a p.s. We got to dance for the first time and she is the best follow I have ever danced with. Wow!

Anonymous said...

TL update . . .

Trader Joe is truly an amazing class act, as he has been for 40 years that I've known him. He bought me my Homecoming flower 30 years ago our Senior year. I fell in love then. I boarded the plane knowing that whatever it took, he would be there waiting, and he was . . .
with red roses.

We arrived at Caesar's and went to our room . . . with candles waiting.

We even laughed that there was no door to the bathroom . . . if you know what I mean!

We had dinner at Delmonico's and he ordered champagne . . . the same champagne that was delivered to me by surprise while with my girlfriends on New Year's Eve at the Hearthfire Restaurant at home.

He held my hand when it got cold . . . then gave me his coat.

We got to dance for the first time together . . . he is the best lead I have ever danced with.

He carried my shoes when my feet were too sore all the way back to our hotel . . . the same shoes he sent to me 2 weeks before, just because!

I laughed when he was a dork . . .
and he laughed when I was a ditz!

It was an amazing trip. If he had asked 30 years ago, I would have said yes. I'm glad he didn't. We both know that the broken road has seasoned us for such a time as this. When and where will take care of itself, and he already knows the answer.

As for the RING, girlfriend, I will make him take a picture and send it to you as soon as the crane shows up to lift my hand!

(True story: I don't wear jewelry, and I have never even had my ears pierced, but I'll proudly wear the Cathedral on my hand . . . if he asks!?)

'Til we meet, thank you for letting us show what hope can do.

TL - AKA: Kerry Mae
(Sorry if this posts twice?)

trader joe said...

I did! She said YES!!!