Thursday, January 17, 2008

Poor Tom

This morning I had an early meeting which meant that Tom had to handle all of the morning activities with the girls. While he is VERY active in the mornings and definitely does more then his fair share on a daily basis, we really do need a 1:1 ratio at all times.

I sent a quick IM asking how everything went this morning and got the following response. It took everything that I had not to laugh out loud .................

"So So. Neither one of them wanted to get dressed, they didn't like the colors, the cloths were too itchy, etc. Neither one of them would tell me what they wanted to eat. Sarah wouldn't go to the bathroom after she told me she had to go, then she freaked out because she thought I was going to open the door to the garage without her approval. The usual bull shit. Hopefully they'll be better tonight."

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Gandksmom said...

We really have a lot in common! I loved reading and getting to know you!