Friday, January 25, 2008

Caps 2 / Maple Leafs 1

It was another great night at the MCI center. We got to see a decent game with a great finish, and as a bonus we were entertained in the 2nd intermission by a HOT DOG EATING CONTEST! It was also "dollar dog night" but none of us benefited as Jeff is on a diet, I am pretending to be on a diet, and Mike elected to purchase a $12 deli sandwich instead.

We got there early, so took our usual spot near the color commentators to watch the warm-ups. And, why would a working mom who misses her girls every second of the day, give up an additional hour with them to watch the Caps warm up? Ummmmm. Here's a hint ....................

Thanks Dad for another great game. It is always a treat to spend an evening in section 425.

And, most importantly, we saw good ......................

triumph over Evil!

Congratulations Boys!

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Papa Jeff said...

Not to mention we got to see George McPhee hanging out on the 4th level before the game.