Thursday, November 8, 2007

I am grateful for my children because ...............

Mamablogga has inspired me to contribute another submission. Her November writing group project is "I am grateful for my children because ...............

There is NO WAY to put into words the way that the girls complete me or all of the ways that they have changed me for the better. Before I was a mom, I was only 1/2 a person. I didn't know it a the time, but now it is obvious. I am grateful hundreds of times a day for the joys that the Ms. Bean and Baby Bee bring to my life, far more to calculate for this essay challenge.

Today is November 8, 2007 (Happy Birthday Tom, I adore you!) and over he past 12 hours I have been grateful for my children because ................................

20) Because of the Joy on Ms. Beans face when her dad let her pick his "tie of the day".

19) Because of the way that Baby Bee smiles when she is admiring her big sister.

18) Because in their world, cardboard flavored Pizza for dinner is ALWAYS a good idea.

17) Because when Ms. Bean is arguing with me in the mornings over what she is going to wear, I secretly know it is because she wants to spend a few more minutes with her mom before daycare.

16) Because if the innocent way that they "mother" baby-puppy and stripey kitty.

15) Because they don't care about the "mommy wars", they love me because I am there Mom.

14) Because without them next to me, I would look funny reading "Amelia Bedila"

13) Because of the special "letters and cards" they made for us at Susie's house.

12) Because of the Joy they give to Susie and Papa (and vice versa, but that is a different essay topic)

11) Because without them, I never would have seen Dora Saves the Mermaid.

10) Because it is still amazing to hear "I love you mommy" and I get to hear it regularly.

9) Because Baby Bee makes me believe in Miracles

8) Because Tom has been happier during his past 4 birthdays then he was in the previous 38 combined.

7) Because all I need to do when I am going blind reading reports, is look at the picture of Bean and Bee on my desk and my whole day gets brighter

6) Because no one plays the guitar like Baby Bee

5) Because Ms. Bean still asks for "X marks the spot, very quietly with one finger"

4) Because our marriage is just better with the girls in our lives

3) Because my morning drive to work includes conversations around clouds, the sun, and Plants. It used to be just me and Howard Stern. This is healthier.

2) Because being a mom makes me a better person, and,

1) Because at no point have either of my children ever requested a Power Point Presentation


Jordan (MamaBlogga) said...

What a wonderful list! Isn't it nice to have an excuse to look at all the positive things our children bring us?

Thanks for participating!

Kate said...

This is a great list. I really enjoyed reading it.

tiff said...

What a great list. Your girls sound as though they brighten each and every day!