Sunday, November 4, 2007

Caching up on the mail

I received an e-mail from Trader Joe reminding me that I have been remiss on my blogging. Sorry, I guess that kids, work, Halloween, caps games (which have been horrendous) and life got in the way. No more excuses .................... onward!

1) The Caps - FIRE HANLON! It's time. This team is incapable of acting like a team for 60 minutes, despite the fact that that desire is there. They come out strong, and they look strong in the last 2-3 minutes of the game, but it ends there. They have talent and desire, but they lack leadership. The team has won 12 in 48 games. Butch Cassadys record was 8-16-1. Where is he now?

While I am on the topic of the Caps, I think we should all send our best wishes off to Peter Bonra as he leaves hockey to become the general manager of the Slovakian national team! It was a pleasure watching him play for the Caps for 14 years, and the team LITERALLY has not been the same without him, Peter, if you can, send some talent to our Nation's Capital!

2) Birthday Blues - Thanks for inquiring, I think that I am handling 40 with as much grace as possible. Being middle aged with pre-schoolers is not easy. In my next life, I think that I will have them a little earlier when I have more energy. However, besides the body of a teenager, at 40 I have everything that I want in life. 2 amazing little girls who make me laugh everyday, a career that is finally back on track, a supportive family, and good friends. I WON!

Hoped that this would be longer, but I need to go play "dress-up"

Kisses to my fans. D

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Papa Jeff said...

And since you wrote this the CAPS have lost 2 more games without scoring a point. It is not time to panic, but still my hopes have, once again, been crushed.