Monday, September 17, 2007

Generous Georges Reply

Well, I finally got a response to my e-mail to Generious Georges. I have posted their reply below, along with my reply to their reply:

I don't even know what to say or how to apologize for the horrible experience you had at Generous George's.

Let me first say I'm sorry I did not respond to this earlier, I have beenon vacation for the past week and George's mother passed away on the 4th so he has not been in the store or watching emails either.

I have talked with and disciplinary actions have been taken with the server that was supposed to have made your visit a happy time not a frustrating one. At this weeks manager and staff meetings I'll be handing out copies ofyour email, my plan is to use this as an educational tool showing the staff that how we look and how our actions can make or break GG's.

We had just had our sewage pipes flushed so I'm assuming that the smell wasleftover from that, this is done quarterly either late at night or earlymorning. The rest I have no excuse for.

We apologize and are very sorry to have losta long time customer. If you'd like to give us another shot I would like tosend you a gift certificate for your next visit.

Sincerely sorry,

Anne Hyde
General Manager

My Reply:

Anne -

Thankyou for your return e-mail. I am actually pleased to hear that both you and George were out of town during my visit, as it explains, in part, why things were in such disoray on 9-11-07.

I also appreciate your taking my comments so seriously. I was in food service for many years and thought that a respectable business like Generous Georges would want to be informed of such a clear drop in standards. I do ask that you remove all identifying information from my e-mail before distributing it to staff. While I have no reason to suspect that I might receive a "response" from the wait staff, I would just prefer to keep my contact information confidential.

A gift certificate would be appreciated. I don't know when the 4 of us will have the opportunity to meet again for a special lunch, but would like to return at some point. Your strike me as someone who will "whip the place into shape".

Best Regards!

I was easy on her, as my friend Patty thought that she sounded sincere. Now! Which of my 5 lucky readers would like to have lunch with me?


trader joe said...

Me me me!

Marianne said...

How nice of Anne Hyde to reply and try to make amends! I was completely turned off of ever visiting GG, but their response is making me reconsider.

In an area that runs the gamut of fine dining to downright nauseating (Bob and Edith's in Falls Church comes to mind), it is refreshing to see that customer satisfaction and reparation still mean something.


Papa Jeff said...

My friend Richard took me to lunch at Bob and Edith's. What was he thinking? Glad that GG is attempting to fix itself.

Anonymous said...

Ahaa, a free meal certainly begs a response from all. I'll be your best friend if you pick me. Mom