Sunday, September 16, 2007

Citgo Gas

My friend Paul so enjoyed my e-mail to Generous Georges (which I still have received NO reply to), that he shared the following e-mail to Citgo. I think that he wanted me to repost it so that my readers would read and boycott. Secretly, I know that he is my only reader (actually I have 4, but 2 are out of the country and 1works for him and sees him everyday) but here we go anyway. If you are a reader, please think before purchasing gas at Citgo and NEVER GO TO GENEROUS GEORGES!

Good afternoon,

Again today I was reminded why I stopped using Citgo gas stations a while back.

I have a 24 gallon tank, and your pump automatically decided that I had gotten enough at 12.9 gallons. Of course, I could have opted to do another transaction and filled my tank, but guess what? I’ll use another gas station for that.

A $35 limit programmed into the pump, eh? Does anyone at Citgo know what gas prices are?

That’s one brilliant policy.


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