Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Answering the Mail

My friend Paul was complaining to me today that since I broke my finger, my blog has been in desperate need of attention.

So, not wanting to loose one of my three readers, I figured I should write about something. And, like magic, my friend Erica sent just the thing! Forbes.com put together an article about the Best and Worst School Districts for the Buck. It is basically a balanced scorecard where winners in the rating system are counties whose schools deliver high performance at low cost. Losers, in turn, spend a lot of money and have little to show for it. Well guess what! ALEXANDRIA VA came in dead last! Yep! We are number 97 out of 97. Alexandria's Per Pupil Spending is $11,404 (high) while our College Entrance Exam Participation Rate is only 65.00 and Graduation Rate is only 73.00!

I am feeling better about our public school decision everyday! After all, who doesn't love a challenge?


Papa Jeff said...

Does that mean thay you are considering sending your kids to school in Fairfax County?

Trader Joe said...

You should also do a comparison to the overall government. I'll bet there is strong inverse corelation between government size and graduation rate.
On the other hand, literally, it's good to know you can hold a bordeaux glass. Whew!