Tuesday, June 5, 2007

The Tudors - Episode 10 - Quick Question

I watched the last Tudors of the season last night, and it definitely did not disappoint. They handled the demise of Woolsey brilliantly, and left us wanting more. Let us just hope that enthusiasm remains among Showtime viewers, since they will not be back until 2008!

One thing puzzled me. There was this odd scene in the beginning of the episode where Henry is masturbating. It was not surprising that Kings masturbate. And, Anne Boleyn certainly gave him a lot of reasons to jerk off. The surprising part was that there was a servant present collecting the Kings spew! Please, if anyone knows if this was truly custom, let me know! And, for what purpose? Certainly they didn't store it somewhere? Probably just creative licensing? Please advise.



Anonymous said...

that certainly begs the subject of royal jelly

Papa Jeff said...

It reminded me of the Mel Brooks movie when he kept calling for the "Piss Boy" and then said "It's good to be the King."

tramp394 said...

The Tudors is a excellent tv show with lovely storyline & great cast. I saw its every episode. Really its a mind blowing tv show for all time!!!

Justin said...

At that time it was forbidden to spill his royal seed upon the earth. Someone definitely had to witness and catch the money shot. He couldn't sleep with Anne Bolynn until they were married, so sayeth the church. He was still working on his divorce from Queen Catherine (mother of Bloody Mary (Henry's oldest). I'm constantly surprised how all of this probable history with the King has led to the way we live our lives today. We'd still be under the popes laws if Henry didn't pick up Lutheranism for that first divorce. Fortunately, the King also bred with Anne to produce Elizabeth, who'd start and rule the golden age.