Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Muskrat Susie, Muskrat Sam .......................

Miss me? Sorry for my absents. April was a very busy month. At any rate, onward ...................

I DID successfully complete the Country Music 1/2 Marathon despite recovering from a HORRIBLE stomach problem and having a nasty case of Bronchitis! Fortunately my good friend Lee was willing to meet me on miles 3 and 7 with an inhaler which kept me going. I placed 17990, aren't you impressed? My friend Patty definitely could have gotten a much better time if my hacking hadn't held her back. There is something about Country Music that brings out the best in her. Carolyn finished in under 4 hours (beat her goal) and did awesome for her first race. I am trying to talk her into doing Baltimore but to date, she is not committing.

Carolyn and Lee were the perfect hosts and we had a great time! If any of you are going to be in Nashville let me know and I will put you in touch with them. You MUST gets Carolyn's tour of the Country Music Hall of Fame. It rocks!

I did suffer a small stress injury to the foot that seems to be controlled with an ace bandage.

Trying to recover, Patty and I took a VERY slow walk around the Tidal Basin to stretch out our joints, and we came across this guy swimming around. I thought he was a beaver, a tourist said a rat (which made me run) but Patty seemed to know it was a Muskrat.

Now, anyone who knows me, knows that Rats are like my Kriptonite. Just the mere thought of them makes me run shaking in horror. Therefore, I was extremely relieved to learn that he was not a rat. I'm not sure why since Wikipedia describes a Maskrat as a Rodent which is 4 times bigger then the brown rat! My life really is all about rationalizations.
Anyway, Muskrats aside be looking for me at the Tidal Basin this summer training for Baltimore in October. I am, again, addicted and looking forward to the next 13.1.


trader joe said...

What a trooper! You sounded like a good ol' fashioned TB ward, yet still managed to get to Nashville and take up the standard. I'm proud of you and Patty.

Patty said...

Nice muskrat picture! It reminds me of the groundhog in Caddyshack. The one we saw in the water was much cuter! Yes, I rock at my rodent ID skills!