Sunday, April 8, 2007

Happy Easter!

And as my brother-in-law reminds us every year ................... HE HAS RISEN!

One can not even give Easter even a passing thought without thinking of the Marshmallow PEEP. Those little Chicks are the Tree of Christmas, the Menorah of Hanukkah and the Cupid of Valentines Day! The Peep is the center of the Easter Holiday (I guess some people would say that Easter is really about the Resurrection of Jesus ........ but those people are not reading this blog).

Every year the St. Paul Pioneer Press newspaper has a "Peeps Diorama Contest". Apparently the only rules are that it has to have marshmallow Peeps Easter candies in it. My friend Tim, at the urging of a coworker entered this years contest and out of over 300 entries WON for "Run Silent, Run Peep"! I am not sure what he got for winning this prestigious award, but he is probably just happy that for the first time in a LONG time, he could do something remarkably creative that his boss can't take credit for!
The caption for this brilliant peice?
"After navigating the USS Peepfish around a deadly minefield, Captain Chick McPeep launches a torpedo against the forces of evil in the WWII submarine film classic - "Run Silent, Run Peep""

Tim, I am proud of you! Everyone else, a photo of Tim's creation is above, but, I strongly encourage you to check out the article and and runner ups. AMERICA IS A WONDERFUL COUNTRY!

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