Saturday, February 10, 2007

Stop the Insanity!

I would never claim to be an expert on parenting, but after catching a previously TIVO'd episode on Oprah I think that I have something to say.

Despite a tremendous amount of reading/discussions I have not found the answers to any of today's current debates; circumcise/don't circumcise, SAHM/WOHM, breastfeed/bottle feed, Cloth/Disposable, CIO/Ferber.

ENOUGH ALREADY! I don't care. Kids need four basic things: love, food, clean clothes and shelter. The rest is up for debate.

We live with a couple of simple philosophies that work well for us:
1) Watch your kids while they are in the tub.
2) Fence your pools.
3) Train your dog not to bite your kids.
4) Feed your children nutritious food.
5) Don't spank.
6) Don't yell ( I fail at this, but I believe in the principle and I work on it every day).
7) Don't let your kids suck on pennies.
8) Duct tape is not a form of discipline.
9) Tell your kids that you are sorry when it it appropriate
10) Practice the "golden rule" at home
11) Agree to disagree but show a united front
12) make sure that the kids are allowed to get enough sleep if they want it
13) Pay the heating bills
14) Be kind to your spouse, if not for you, so that your kids have a good model of a solid and respectful relationship.

The rest will come. Three of my friends are new mothers and they are beating themselves us over things that don't matter. Love your kids, and they will have everything they need.

Tomorrow we will continue with our Tudor Series. This serious stuff gives me a headache.



Papa Jeff said...

How many of the 14 correct parental behaviors does it take to maintain a C+ average. And will this list be on the final?

Pennyfeather said...

No, but you will be tested on which of Henrys wife's caught sylishphis from him, so study up.