Friday, February 16, 2007

My Pool by Sarah (3)

I love to go swimming with Susie. When I get hungry, I get out. We drive to our pool. When we get there I walk on the balance beam. It looks like a platform. When I am done walking on it I jump to Susie. Papa is exercising. Then I get a card and we get our stuff and put it on me. When I get to the pool I take my shoes off at the front of the swimming pool then I swim around. When were done we go to the locker room in the hot room and put on our stuff. Then Papa and Susie take me to the bagel factory.
Night Night
Parental Note - this blog was prematurely ended due to the authors exhaustion. A day at the pool takes it right out of her.


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Papa Jeff said...

Sometimes we go to McDonald's instead of the Bagel Factory. Sarah is quite a blogger.