Tuesday, February 6, 2007

My blog - By Sarah (3)

I wanted this flower picture to do my blog. I love purple. I also love to sleep in my bed; I love my mommy and my daddy; I love my stuffed animals when I go to bed; I love to hug mommy; I love fruits. I feed my kitty cat and I help clean up. I love Papa and Susie. I love to go to their house where I play and sing. My papa likes to work on his computer. Susie loves to sleep in bed and watch TV. She is a great knitter. She knits all kinds of things like a sweater, a coat and a hat. I love my sister. She has beautiful cheeks, a beautiful chin and beautiful hair. I have nothing else. See ya tomorrow. Ariel.

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Papa Jeff said...

She is truly beautiful on the outside and on the inside.