Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Heart Broken

Zednick gone. AGAIN.

Zubbie gone. Sorry Brother Joe.

The message boards are trying to look at this in a positive light (which I hate BTW). They say with Zubrus and Zed on the team, it actually seemed to make the team very predictable, and therefore uncompetitive.

Their Justification? That everyone knows:
- AO plays with Zubby
- who our grinders are
- that there is minimal complimentary help for Semin, and;
- that there is no chemistry on the power play.

So, say the optimists with delight, now the Caps will be unpredictable. No one knows what this team can or will bring to the table and the guys with potential will open their game up with more ice time.

I say - BULLSHIT! Once again GM and TED have completely ignored their fan base and discarded the players that have been willing to play hard for a team that sucks. Get some defense, shoot the damn puck at the net, and STOP trading players that matter to the crowd! The caps NEVER recovered from the last Zednick trade. Remember way back when we got rid of Zed/Bulis for Linden (probably working a concession stand) and, who was the guy we NEEDED to have, oh yes ................. ZUBRUS!

I forgot the best part, who did we trade Zubrus for? Novotny,
but don't plan to see him play for a while. He's injured. Nothing like throwing in the red towel George!

Now where did put that Xanex?


Papa Jeff said...

You are one angry hockey chick. Take the Xanex the season will be over soon - since there will be no playoffs for the CAPS. Don't you wish you did not care about the CAPS. Time to start rooting for the Red Wings.

Stu said...

As a guy who once sat just on the other side of the glass during the Capitals' last gasp for Lord Stanley's Cup, I feel ya, I really do.

As a Devils fan, "all a friend can say is ain't it a shame." (Jerry Garcia)