Wednesday, February 21, 2007

And now for a good read ..........

Recently, I have been trying to avoid the practice of simply linking to articles. For one, Susie doesn't like it and I like to make Susie happy (unless it involves giving up my Treo). For another, I have so many intelligent things to say I don't need to steal opinions.

However, once in a while I run across something that I like to share, simply because it makes me happy or I agree with the author to the point that I could not have said it better. This is one of those times. Greg Wyshynski over at The Fourth Period had this to say about Washington and America's disdain for Jaromir Jagr. He contends that Jagr's surly attitude not only cost him the Hart Trophy last year, but has turned off a large volume of Rangers Fans.

If you don't have time to read the whole thing (and you should), a notable piece of trivia is that if you Google "Jagr Sucks" your first option will be a post from the Capitals' official message board that repeats that phrase 475 times -- in a row -- in a 36-point font.

Ain't the Internet great!


Papa Jeff said...

I don't think that Jagr was the problem with the CAPS. He was always the best on the ice. Could he have been better - sure, but he was not the problem. The problem was named Butch and the people who brought him to Washington. As much as I like them their names are Ted and George. I still ware my #68 CAPS jersey and so will others as he gets closer to being placed in the Hall of Fame.

Pennyfeather said...

Jagr was nothing but a big fat whiner the whole time he was in Washington. While no one is arguing that he is a Hall of Fame caliber player, he didn't want to be here and therefore chose not to play hard or be part of the team while he was here. While this type of behavior is acceptable if you are, say, working in the Workforce Measurement section of your agency, it quickly crosses the line and becomes a sportsmanship / character flaw when you are playing for the NHL.

Do yourself a favor and burn the 68 Jersey. Then find the #77 in the back of your closet and wear it with pride. Those were the days my friend!